About Us

Rookie Recruiting is a highly effective and specific approach to college sports recruiting done in real-time. We manage, guide, and advise the entire recruiting process of student-athletes (grades 8-12) by taking a proactive hand-hold approach throughout each step of their path in high school.

We pour over the tiniest details throughout each grade and phase of recruiting to give student-athletes a realistic edge, ultimately increasing their chances of filling a roster spot on a coach’s team and receiving an athletic scholarship to play and pay for college.

Rookie Recruiting exhibits a clear and experienced understanding of the NCAA recruiting process while delivering real-time guidance and mentoring. We focus on molding student-athletes into attractive recruits by showing them how to build relationships with coaches the proper way, which will ramp exposure, increase opportunities, and improve recruiting position!

At the end of the day – we help high school athletes – not just with their college sports recruiting – but with improving their character both on and off the field, making sure their education and studies are a first priority – which will ultimately lead them to a college or university that is going to be a good fit BOTH academically as it is athletically.


  • Second To None Recruiting Experience/Approach
  • No Limited College Coaches Network
  • No Database For Athlete’s To Sit In
  • No Waiting & Hoping To Be Found On The Internet
  • No Cold Calling or Recruiting Memberships
  • One of a Kind Referral Program
  • Guaranteed Athlete Accountability
  • Proactive, Real-Time Management & Guidance


Rookie Recruiting’s real-time approach brings a mentality of guaranteed accountability and peace of mind, not leaving student-athletes and parents wondering or guessing, or even worse – hoping a scholarship falls out of the sky. We Begin – High-School athletes will be specifically evaluated and their families educated about recruiting and the opportunities to play in college other than that of the Division 1 level and playing on ESPN, which so many kids seem to focus their attention on – but if your goal is D1, we’re behind you! Every athlete has the opportunity to experience the excitement of recruiting and to pursue their dreams, but often they don’t know where to even start or how to go about the process the right way to give themselves a realistic chance.