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Your student-athlete wants to continue to play their sport in college - What do you do? How do you go about it? At Rookie Recruiting we understand that the college recruiting process can be daunting, and at times difficult and frustrating leaving you not knowing where to even begin.

Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we got your back! Your son or daughter will only go through collegiate recruiting one time, and having regrets later in life are not welcomed here! In fact, our duty is to eliminate student-athletes from ever saying, “I wish I could have played in college."

First and foremost, college recruiting should be exciting and done with a proactive approach; yet at the same time needs to be accurate, with factual information and proper direction! Sports can help pay for college, and we have the X's and O's blueprint for your athlete!

The clock is ticking and National Signing Day will be here before you know it, does a scholarship opportunity to play in college have your name on it? Rookie Recruiting strives to ‘make sense of an athlete's specific recruiting situation, while taking a "hand-hold" approach and guiding him/her to a hopeful National Signing Day. 

Ultimately, we give every student-athlete in grades 8-12 an unparalleled recruiting experience proven to ramp up exposure to college coaches and dramatically increase their chances of receiving a college education by means of an athletic scholarship.

Over 2.7 billion dollars are awarded annually to college athletes...



Thank you, Rookie Recruiting

Thank you, Rookie Recruiting. We really appreciate your help and we are looking forward to working with you. Our son told us that you spent almost an hour with him going over his “to do” list and strategies. We noticed and we wanted to let you know. Thank you!

Shea Smith - CA

If your son/daughter is serious about playing sports at the collegiate level

If your son/daughter is serious about playing sports at the collegiate level, I would recommend you give Rookie Recruiting a call. My son’s mother and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle my son’s future.

Richard Lunger - PA

Best decision we ever made

Best decision we ever made! If your child is serious about his career choice, then this is a no brainer! My son, John Smith, has a bright future thanks to these guys at Rookie Recruiting!

Victoria Rosier - AL

Christian will definitely be in good hands!

Christian will definitely be in good hands! I recommend Rookie Recruiting to any student-athlete who wants to play any sport in college.

Yaritza Santiago - NC

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